About Us

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About Us

AMD Services is based in Queensland and is counted amongst the top cleaning-service providers in Australia. We specialize in offering all types of cleaning services in domestic and commercial environments. Our passion for a clean and green world is the inspiration behind everything that we do. This is what dominates our mission, vision and also the initiatives that we take.

Mission and Vision

When we ventured into the cleaning industry, our mission was to provide exceptional cleaning services at affordable price. And, over the years, we have grown with this mission. We have realized the growing increases the responsibility because you are creating a greater impact in lives of more clients, on environment, and on employees.

The widespread impact that we make has enabled us to focus and have a clear vision on how we should address each area.

  • As a service provider, our clients deserve the best service from professionals who have undergone a background check and police verification.
  • As an environmentalist, we strive to reduce carbon footprint and eliminate use of chemicals that have long-term impact on the environment.
  • As an employer, we are committed to provide equality. We offer equal pay to our employees irrespective of their gender, religions, ethnicity. We also follow the WH&S guidelines created for well-being of employees.

Initiatives and Advantages

We have emerged as a pioneer in the cleaning industry with our innovative initiatives that are driven by our mission and vision statements. Our aim is to keep our clients happy for which we work all 7 days a week and offer services on daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis depending on client requirements. From time to time, we launch elaborate cleaning packages and plans which benefit our clients.

We are continuously innovating to deliver best services by using new appliances that save time and give flawless results. AMD professionals blend the best of technologies and traditional techniques to clean your house and offices alike. We clearly list the services that will be provided when you opt for home or office cleaning. Then, we ensure that each of the services promised are delivered to your satisfaction.

With AMD, you get the power to approve and give your valuable feedback which plays a vital role in grooming our professionals and altering our services only to make them better for you. You are not locked in contracts or troubled with calls when you pick AMD as your cleaning partner.