Body Corporate Areas Cleaning

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Almost all corporate areas differ in design and functionality. Some areas are fitted with carpets while others are tile floorings. This distinction requires a cleaning partner that offers the required attention in cleaning different type of areas and if you are looking for such a partner, then AMD is the perfect partner for all your corporate cleaning needs.

body-corporate-areas Our Corporate Cleaning Services

AMD creates a cleaning plan and a calendar for your premise. The plan lists the tasks that would be performed for different types of areas and the calendar would mention the frequency. The tasks that we perform are:

  • Steam or dry cleaning of carpeted areas on site.
  • Professional foam cleaning of window and door glass fittings
  • Pressure washing of parking areas
  • Removal of garbage from the premise
  • Sanitization of shafts and similar areas

Our corporate services can be personalized based on client needs. Contact us for more information on our corporate cleaning services.