Builders Cleaning Services

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AMD is a cleaning service provider that caters to all industries alike. Our builders cleaning services are focused on the construction industry. We are aware that the dirt and debris at construction sites or under construction homes can cause serious health concerns and accessibility issues. This awareness motivated us to offer services that promise clean sites and better health.

What Builders Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Our builders cleaning services take care of all stages involved in a construction process. So, whether it is a need for cleaning while the construction is in full-swing or whether it is over, AMD is the unique choice one cannot overlook. You can have a look at some of our services:

On-going construction cleaning

We provide miscellaneous cleaning and tidying services so that proper hygiene is maintained, and it is easier for workers to access the place.

We provide services for the temporary doc offices occupied by the construction team to assure the clean and tidy premises are maintained for your valued visitors while you are busy shaping the big creations.

Renovation cleaning

We also provide section and interim cleaning services when one of your house’s area or entire house in under renovation.

Post-construction cleaning

Once the construction work is completed, AMD’s professionals clean the premise thoroughly before handing it over to the occupants.

This is usually done in two or three phases to remove minutest evidences of the construction materials and debris.

Demountable cleaning

AMD has gained pride in offering demountable cleaning services for construction site amenities such as ablution blocks, lunch rooms, meeting rooms, offices etc. for used at public places and construction sites.

This facilitates the health and safety for the workers on site. Australia is leading in providing proper amenities for their workers on site and AMD is committed to care for the maintenance of the hygienic standards set for.

How Do You Benefit from Our Builders Cleaning Services?

An under-construction site or home is bound to be covered with dirt and grime which often makes it difficult for workers to easily move around the place or work at such a place which makes it difficult to breathe. With AMD’s cleaning services, you can offer better work environment to your workers both in terms of health and hygiene. We are here to take your stress away while you are busy with your innovations.

Our professionals are trained builders cleaners who understand the level of cleanliness a section might require. This expertise allows the cleaners to access areas that will be sealed off with fittings at a later stage and clean and sanitize those areas before final stage arrives. Additionally, a clean site allows supervisors to easily assess the level of work done and the inspect the premises so every corner is dealt with perfection.

We offer comprehensive cleaning services that might be required once after completion of work at a site or maybe many a times during the construction process. To know more about our builders cleaning services or to request a price quote, mail us at or book online by filling up the form with required details.

Moreover, you can call us directly.