Childcare Centers Cleaning

Let’s be the part of an initiative

Areas designated for children are prone to get dirty because of spillage or scribbling on walls, floors, carpets, etc. AMD takes pride in offering services that can help you get rid of all the mess created by children. Thus, ensuring that you never stop your child from being creative.

Our Commitment

Children areas like childcare centers, play schools, etc. need extra attention in terms of cleanliness because children are more prone to illnesses caused by different microorganisms. AMD is dedicated to providing a clean environment to children and thus, employs cleaning techniques and agents that are safe for children and harsh on germs.

childcare-centers Our Services

AMD’s childcare cleaning services have been picked on the basis of requirements from different types of institutions that are catering to children. We:

  • Tidy up the play areas by organizing toys, books, etc.
  • Clean up the floors to remove pencil and color marks, spills, etc.
  • Wipe and sanitize tables and chair.
  • Vacuum carpeted areas for freshness
  • Wash toilets and basins
  • Remove garbage and put new garbage bags.

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