Commercial Services

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AMD offers extensive commercial cleaning services so that you begin your day in a clean workplace. We know that for all workaholics there is nothing more delightful than entering a clean premise for work every day. Neat and tidy surroundings create a positive environment and boosts productivity. So, if you are looking for commercial cleaning service providers, don’t look elsewhere because AMD is here.

Services That Speak for Themselves

Commercial cleaning is done at a larger scale than domestic cleaning and that’s why you will find very less companies catering to commercial industry. AMD specializes in cleaning all types of commercial spaces and has cross-industry experience as well. This means that when you call AMD professionals for cleaning your commercial spaces, you do not have to worry about your machines or equipment, furnishings, etc. because we know how to take care of every type of space. We offer:

The widespread impact that we make has enabled us to focus and have a clear vision on how we should address each area.

  • Time-specific cleaning (weekly/fortnightly/monthly, etc.)
  • Area-specific cleaning (bathroom, pantry, etc.)
  • Business-specific cleaning (auditorium, banks, etc.)

These bifurcations allow us to plan better and send the perfect professionals who are expert in the type of cleaning required. Different type of commercial spaces might have different requirement and that’s why we also offer a site inspection service where we help you choose the right cleaning service and also guide you on the frequency of cleaning.

Our professionals are selected after a strict background check followed by police verification. This ensures that your belongings are safe, and all your official material are in the safe hands and never gets compromise with confidentiality. Our services are complete when you are satisfied with the cleanliness of the premises. We always connect with you to check how happy and satisfied you are with our services.

Our Commercial Services


Corporate Floors or Towers


Financial Institutes

Corporate Building

Corporate Building




Children Centers and Departments


Child Safety Department


Educational Institutes




Public Areas


Private Service Complexes

Retail stores


Body Corporate areas

Body Corporate Areas




Storage Areas

Manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing Units



Medical centres

Healthcare Facilities

Allied health clinics

Allied health clinics

Builders clean- Post construction

Builder Cleaning


Clean (mostly two-phase cleaning)

Commercial Cleaning for All Types of Businesses

At AMD, it is all about your requirement. We understand that different businesses would require different type of cleaning services and that is what we offer. We have catered to a variety of commercial clients.

  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Corporates and Showrooms
  • Hospitals and Laboratories (other Healthcare facilities)
  • Educational organizations
  • Construction sites
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Public centers and auditoriums

Our extensive experience in catering to clientele from different industries make us a perfect choice for cleaning requirement in diverse sectors.

You can book our services online by filling up the details on the booking form on Book Online page. You can also write to us at or directly call us.