Construction Site Demountables Cleaning Services

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A construction site needs to be equipped with various amenities for workers. These amenities are often provided as demountables that are used while the workers are on a site. AMD helps your workers focus on the construction while it cleans the demountables to provide a hygienic environment. We are involved in cleaning all of these blocks or even a particular type only.

  • Lunch blocks
  • Office blocks
  • Toilet blocks
  • Meeting rooms
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Our team of demountable cleaning professionals have experience in rendering services on various construction sites and they know how to clean the areas inside out. Our services include:

  • Wiping tables, benches, chairs, walls, etc.
  • Mopping the floors and scrubbing if required
  • Washing toilets and sinks
  • Refilling hand wash and toilet papers
  • Cleaning the interiors and exteriors

We deliver cleaning services on weekly basis depending on your requirement. You can either opt for extensive once in a week cleaning routine or twice a week services.

E-mail us your requirement at for additional details and queries.