Insurance Cleaning Services

Let’s be the part of an initiative

Let AMD take care of your house while you take care of your health during hospitalization or illness. Having a clean and hygienic home to return to after a hospital stay or during your illness is a blessing and with AMD’s insurance cleaning services, you will certainly feel better when you are home.

Spotless and Sanitized Premises

AMD’s extensive cleaning services take care of all the rooms your houses and ensure that everything is in place.


Complete kitchen cleaning services including wiping appliances, tidying pantries, cleaning cabinets, etc.


Complete bedroom cleaning services including dusting of walls and furniture, bed making, cupboard cleaning, laundry, etc.


Complete bathrooms and toilet cleaning services including washing tiles, toilet bowl, sinks, shower area, bath tubs, etc.

We offer discounted services to senior citizens or clients who will need our services for a long time because of prolonged illness. Contact us today for more details and specific cleaning service requirements.