Post Builders Clean

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Post Builders Cleaning

Our standard post construction cleaning service checklist is below - please note any specific needs you have such as excess drywall dust or the need for a AMD services can be book online by using our website.

In post construction have tow type of cleanings.

Two Phase Cleaning (Excludes Post Construction Rubbish Removal) 1. Initial Clean 2. Final Clean

Three Phase Cleaning (Includes Post Construction Rubbish Removal) 1. Rough Clean 2. Second Phase Clean 3. Final Phase Clean

postbuilders-clean Task:
  • Removal of trash, debris, or other left over construction materials

    construction or renovation project is never fully considered complete unless all the trash and left over building materials have been removed. We can take care of that for you. Upon completion of all building works, our team will ensure that all unnecessary materials will be taken away to speed up your move as well as to eliminate possible safety hazards. But that’s not all, we also make sure that the rubbish we remove doesn’t simply wind up in the landfill. Where possible, we take these leftover materials where they can be reused and recycled.

  • Removal and proper disposal of hazardous waste

    Not all sites contain the usual clutter; others, especially older buildings, may have hazardous materials such as asbestos. If your building has these, we have you covered.

    we can call in our certified handlers to take care of the job and ensure it is handled safely, efficiently and in compliance with relevant standard practices and state regulations.

  • Sweeping and washing

    Dust and dirt can easily spread and stick onto any surface. After the final construction has taken place, we’ll make sure all surfaces, from the walls to the doors, will be cleaned appropriately, removing any traces of filth.

    Glass windows and doors will be washed and polished, walls wiped down and floors swept and scrubbed using the right cleaning products and techniques.

  • Vacuuming and mopping

    Every surface, from carpets to the tightest corners of your space, will be vacuumed to remove dust.

    The floors, whether they’re wood, tile or linoleum, will also be mopped – maintaining the utmost care of your new floors. You’re sure to have floors that sparkle by the end.

  • Cleaning of fixtures

    If you have furnishings or fixtures on site, we’ll also dust and clean them appropriately.